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Overwhelmed with your inbox? helps you save time on your email by extracting deadlines, actions and key information for you 🏎

Why Jisterly?

Why Jisterly?

Jisterly boosts your email productivity.

If you struggle to keep up with the volume of emails or find yourself having to read long emails / threads just to figure out what you need to do, Jisterly is here to help.

Jisterly highlights important information like tasks, deadlines and information that you can use to prioritise what you work on first whilst reducing the words you need to read by over 80% - saving you time and stress.

If you're a busy professional, someone with a condition that affects your reading like dyslexia or ADHD, or just someone who wants to spend less time on email - Jisterly is for you!

Key Features

Prioritise your inbox at a glance

Scrolling through your inbox, not sure what email to tackle first? Jisterly gives you the information you need, to decide what to work on first, at a glance.

Find actions & deadlines quickly

Spend less time digging through long emails figuring out what you need to do - Jisterly picks out your key actions for your.

Get an overview of key context

Just opened up a crazy email thread and struggling to make sense of it? Jisterly summarises your emails so you spend much less time trying to keep on top of your email.

Other Features

  • Text alerts for priority email & deadlines.

  • Scheduled non-priority email to minimise interruptions.

  • Filtering of newsletters to minimise inbox clutter.

  • Works with any email client, platform or device.

  • Accessibility friendly.

What our users say

What our users say

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